Inner Engagement for Multifaceted Results

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Strength to Awaken is unlike any other book on strength training. Change the purpose of your training and life. Gain never-before-seen instruction on the inner dimensions of training. Learn Whole Hearted Engagement to perform at new levels. Enjoy rare clarity as you go beyond the conventions and limitations holding you back.

End Boring Repetitive Exercise and Create Next-Level Performance.
Go Beyond Frustrating Limitations to Whole-Hearted Engagement.
Train yourself to Enjoy more Genuine Pleasure.
Transform Not Just your Body, but your Whole Self.
Get More Benefits, Faster.

Rob McNamara is the authority on Integral strength training. He has been one of the world’s leading voices in the field of integral practice for nearly a decade. Rob’s rigorous approach, open heart, and pioneering method to training provide you with new ways to solve age-old problems that can limit the results in your training.

What Are People Saying?

Finally. A book with the complexity and courage to move beyond our cultural obsession with the physical dimensions of training. McNamara redefines strength and provides a practical road.”

Rand Stagen, founder & managing director
Stagen Leadership Academy

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