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Training in Developmental Coaching

The next three to five decades are likely to be an especially pivotal period in human history. Developmental coaching will be a key influencer as we learn to leverage and scale the currently untapped frontier of human development.

Adult development is one of the greatest unharvested resources available today (see the forthcoming book by
Dr. Zak Stein, Education in a time between worlds: essays on the future of schools, technology, and society). Decades of developmental research reveals that we are an evolving species. Yet, pervasively across cultures and continents we underestimate what we are capable of becoming. Largely, we don’t perceive our individual or collective potentials, especially as adults. Developmental diversity remains invisible to most. As a result, we are not effectively scaffolding and scaling human development to better direct our collective future as a species.

Training with McNamara uniquely marries rigorous research and theory with applied pragmatic coaching skills. Developmental coaching allows skilled coaches to up-level their impact and broaden their influence in the world. Research shows impacting a leader's development by 3 tenths of a level reveals significant improvements in key performance metrics. Developmental coaching is an essential part of helping today’s leaders to become more adaptive and agile human beings.

If there were ever a time for leadership to exercise more creative and mature aptitudes (as opposed to repeating the habits of the past), the time is now. Organizations of all sizes and types must become proficient at facilitating the ongoing maturation of talent and growth of people.

McNamara's trainings currently are offered in
Audio Courses and Master Mind Courses. Certified Trainings are under development.
Rob McNamara is a master who has integrated a tremendous amount of knowledge and makes it applicable for the experienced coach. This work is essential for the complexities most business leaders face today!
Amy Pasquale, Executive Coach & Organizational Development Consultant

Free Webinars

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McNamara's latest Webinar focuses on the perennial fallacy of developmental altitude. Here Rob invites coaches to pick up and implement a more mature and sophisticated approach to working with adult development in coaching contexts. Access this video through Ten Directions HERE.
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Rob's introductory survey of Developmental Coaching explores the less understood relationship between development and well-being. To learn more and access to this webinar, visit Ten Directions HERE.

Live In-Depth Training

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→ 10 Weeks of Advanced Developmental Training.
→ Intimate Learning Environment with 12-18 Professional Coaches.
→ Access to Rob's Library of Developmental Coaching Lectures.
→ Live access to the world's developmental thought leaders and expert practitioners.
→ 90 Minute Live Video Sessions Weekly on Thursday's at 9am MST.
→ Personal Coaching & Developmental Feedback from Rob.

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“McNamara provides a practical roadmap that both inspires and instructs on how to liberate our true greatness.”
Rand Stagen, Founder, Stagen Leadership Academy

Audio Courses

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The Art of Advanced Listening

Audio coaching program with eight 30-minute audio sessions.

Audio Sessions:
  • What is Listening?
  • Common Mistakes in Listening
  • Integrative Listening
  • Curiosity, Not Knowing and Openness in Listening
  • Selflessness, Meditation and Advanced Listening
  • Ideological Constructs for Building Awareness and Discernment
  • Listening and The Deep Four
  • Bonus Practice Support: Obstacles to Listening

You will learn how to:
  • Go beyond the two most common mistakes in listening.
  • Gain more insights and information from coaching sessions.
  • Create a more meaningful coach-client relationship.
  • Use integrative listening to foster intimacy and distinction.
  • Become a selfless listener.
  • Overcome the most prevalent obstacles to deep listening.

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Crafting Your Unique Coaching Methodology

For coaches, consultants, leaders and helping professionals who have completed foundational training and have at least several years of experience in the field.

Audio Sessions:
  • Session 1: Moving beyond the foundations of professional development
  • Session 2: Your professional lineage
  • Session 3: Strengths and weaknesses in your professional lineage
  • Session 4: Your inner driving authority
  • Session 5: Professional development beyond mastery

In addition to audio teaching, you will receive a downloadable PDF transcript and PDF of the practices and practice templates referenced in the audio program.

You will learn:
  • How to transition from professional apprenticeship to coaching mastery.
  • How to track and identify the strengths and weaknesses of your own professional lineage.
  • A guided 12-step process for crafting your own unique coaching methodology.
  • A glimpse into the professional landscape beyond mastery.

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Knowledge of adult development is a game changer for me in many therapy and coaching sessions. I highly recommend this course to get a practical understanding of the underlying issues most adults struggle with.
Werner Pitzal, Psychotherapist, Business Coach