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The challenges you are facing in your organization, as well as the demands in your personal life, are principally here to develop you as a person and as a leader. Adulthood is a developmental path into greater competencies, more power and broader responsibilities. Accelerating the rate at which you can adaptively change, become more and accomplish more is one of the most important investments you can make.

Your development influences every facet of your life. Invest in your professional development. Expand your aptitudes.

Organizations are often ineffective at
optimizing the development of your talent.

Fact: The Harvard Business School found 58% of new executives
hired from outside fail within 18 months.

89% of new management hires surveyed by the Corporate Executive Board
admitted they do not have the full set of skills or knowledge to do their jobs.

Accenture's survey of over 900 top executives around the world discoverd nearly 50%
of leaders found their organization was not well suited to bring forward executives with the
ability and talent to manage and lead in the face of rapid change and the need for
new kinds of on-the-job learning.

While the on-going, persistent and painful challenges you face day-in and day-out are here to grow you, adult development involves an ingenious balance of challenge and support. Most leaders lack the requisite supports and many organizations fail to tailor challenges to meet your leading edge. McNamara's leadership coaching is here to provide you with an optimized holding container for your professional development.

Fact: 80% of upper level management have higher levels of adult mental development.
80% of junior levels of management have junior levels of adult mental development.

Shape yourself into a more capable leader with expert guidance. Clarify your mission. Establish your legacy. Become one of the bold.

"A life not devoted to superordinate goals is of little value."
- Peter Koestenbaum, Author
Leadership, The Inner Side of Greatness

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